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Show Your Staff Appreciation With Training -And Enjoy Five Huge Benefits!

Job enrichment and enjoying the work environment are the key factors in employee satisfaction. Do you have to spend huge amounts of money to make your staff feel appreciated? The answer is no. It’s been well documented that it’s not necessarily higher pay that makes employees feel satisfied with their work and want to stay. Gratification from contributing to a greater cause is what most child nutrition professionals are seeking.

How can you express your gratitude attitude toward your hard-working staff? One of the best ways is to invest in them! And what better way to invest than with training and education.

Investing in training pays off. Here are a few ways you’ll get a return on your investment:

Team Building. Conducting training sessions in groups gives employees a feeling of importance and belonging. Especially if you conduct the training with a sense of fun. When you do this, you are building teams as you train. Improving departmental teamwork is a great result.

Empowerment. A well-trained employee is an empowered employee. When team members know what to do in each situation, they are much more likely to take steps to ensure customer satisfaction. When an employee is well trained, they have more confidence and they can respond to situations the way you would want them to. Team members doing their jobs better and achieving increased customer satisfaction is a great return on your investment!

Improved financial results. Investing in training saves you money. When team members increase their knowledge about the business of child nutrition, it saves you money in the following ways:

  • As a result of improved morale, the employee attrition rate is reduced.

  • Employees are more invested in the financial success of the department.

  • Administrative Reviews will go smoother and expensive fiscal findings are less likely to occur.

Employees feel valued. Your team members understand that time is a very valuable

asset. When time and effort is invested in them through personalized training, they feel valued and respected. It’s one of the best ways to say thank you to your employees and they will feel your appreciation.

Professional Development. The law says that child nutrition employees must complete 6-10 hours of continuing education/training a year. Meet the requirements with ease when you plan ahead.

Now that we have discussed the 5 great benefits of investing in employee training, how will you get it done? This is where the rubber meets the road. You’ll need to be able to complete your training requirements on any size budget.

  • No budget? No problem. We believe that it's our role as the experts to help make training accessible even for operators that have no budget at all. That is why we offer free e-books. Click here for our e-book on automation. There’s also a free training video with Administration Review tips. Just go to the website and sign up! You will be invited to download the video.

  • Minimal budget? Maybe you have thought about it, but have not made training a line item in your budget. My K12 Resource provides reasonably priced mini-trainings that you can purchase at our Storefront.

  • A budget for Professional Standards Mandate? If you have a budget for professional standards, you are sitting pretty. You can order any of our training services including personal one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring. We have a program specially designed for newbie directors and a program that will empower experienced directors. It’s all about reaching your potential with the help of your My K12 Resource coach. All of our services include a training component, so the cost of services can fall under your professional standards and training budget.

There are many options and tools available to help you achieve your training goals. The results of training and education will show up in your financial metrics but even more importantly, you’ll see the pride of achievement in the smiles on your team member’s faces.

What questions do you have about getting started with additional training for your team? Post them below!

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