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Celebrate National School Breakfast Week

National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) is an annual national campaign designed to bring attention to the National School Breakfast Program (SBP) in K12 schools across the country. This year NSBW takes place from March 4th to 8th, 2019. Launched in 1975, the program now services more than 14 million children daily - now that’s reason to celebrate!

This year’s NSBW theme is “Start Your Engines With School Breakfast,” emphasizing the importance of fueling up for success in the classroom and beyond with a healthy breakfast. Research shows that starting the day off with not just breakfast, but school breakfast in particular, helps improve the health, nutrition and learning abilities of students. And low-income children who participate in school breakfast ultimately have better overall diet quality than those who do not partake .

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Breakfast: Perhaps the Most Important Meal of the Day

As a dietitian myself, I often talk about the value of breakfast with my clients and patients. Starting the day with a nutrient-rich breakfast helps students - and everyone - maintain energy throughout the day. Minimize those afternoon slumps and sleepy eyes by eating breakfast! But I understand the barriers to eating breakfast, whether they be financial, or whether the hustle and bustle of getting everyone in the family out the door in the morning prohibits sitting down to an early meal. The SBP removes this barrier for all and provides access to the breakfast that students need.

When kids are eat breakfast we see:

  • Improved test scores

  • Decrease in behavioral issues

  • Less absenteeism

Which all leads to happy childrens, happy teachers, and a healthy improved school financials.

Benefits of Celebrating National School Breakfast Week

According to a 2015 survey of School Nutrition Association (SNA) members, 96% said that their student participation in the SBP increases during NSBW. According to the SNA, celebrating NSBW in your district or in your school can help you:

  • Increase student participation in SBP

  • Improve the health and attention span of your students

  • Spread the message to parents that you’re serving healthy breakfast at school

  • Gain media attention from local papers, TV stations and radio stations

  • Connect with teachers and administrators at your school or in your district to spread the word that school breakfasts are healthy and delicious

National School Breakfast Resources

Whether you currently participate in the SBP or not, My K12 Resource is here to help you either launch or grow your program. We specialize in:

  • Menus that are financially sound

  • Implementing Breakfast in the Classroom

  • Grab N’ Go option

  • Grants and more!

Your dedicated coach will strategize with you to help you grow student participation in your breakfast program. We’ll step in to lead professional development training sessions for your staff so that they learn every element of the program as well. Picture it - your students fueling up at your cafeteria’s new breakfast bar, or students enjoying a nutritious breakfast in their classroom - we’re here to bring that vision to life! We aid in everything from planning to procurement to implementation and evaluation. Contact us to get started today!

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