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Meet Your NSLP Administrative Review Coach!

Is it your Administrative Review (AR) year? Be proactive and start preparing! Ideally, it is key to be “review ready” PRIOR to your review month. Some states will notify your department in the late Summer months of your scheduled review, while others provide a much shorter notification period. If your state agency has not provided a notification, reach out to them to see if they can provide estimated time frame.

Get Prepared for Your Administrative Review

How are you preparing for your upcoming AR? Wait, you haven’t thought about it? You’ll get to it later, you say?

Here at My K12 Resource, we say it’s never too early to get preparation underway! Here is how we can help. Since not all school districts have the same resources, we created the “AR - Coach”. The AR Coach is supports you, provides resources, and is an expert in the USDA Administrative Review.

Your dedicated coach is here is provide you with customized resources, training, mentorship and more to get you through your AR. Your coach will guide you and give you peace of mind regarding your upcoming review. Support is a wonderful thing!

Experience is Key

Meet the lead AR Coach, Nicole Goodrich! Nicole offers over 15 years of experience as a previous state reviewer. She and her team have successfully passed more than 150 reviews, and her schools have received awards for successfully completing the review with no findings! Nicole's mission is to provide professional development, resources, and best practices to your school so that you can manage your programs optimally and with ease.

My K12 Resource will provide the following services for you and/or your selected staff members:


Upon completion of training with your AR coach, you will be confident that you are ready for your review. As an added bonus, you will receive continuing education credits towards the USDA Professional Development Standards for completing training with My K12 Resource.

Reach out today to learn how we partner with you so that you can pass your AR in a snap!

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