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Tips to Passing the Procurement Review

Please raise your hand if you've ever felt anxiety over your upcoming Procurement Review. Taking the steps necessary to pass your review is a race to the finish, but it’s not a sprint, it’s more like a marathon!

When you uncover the concerns of Child Nutrition Directors, most are dealing with some uncertainty about what they are supposed to do to prepare for a procurement review. Some directors are not sure what's expected as a matter of procurement practce. Add to that the different interpretations of the law (2 CFR Part 200.318-200.326), and it’s no wonder it’s hard to know where to begin. Always start by checking with your state to see what guidance they provide.

Here’s some good news! My k12 Resource will provide a guide with Terry’s 4 P’s to Procurement Success.

If followed, the tips will provide a path to take you from start to finish. Knowing you are doing the right things all along the way is the best insurance for passing the review. Stay with us until the end and you will be sure to find a preparation method that works for you and gets you to the finish line.

Before you begin, it’s important to know what the state expects of you. Click here for the 6 Steps to the Procurement Review.

Meet your procurement coach at the starting line!

Ready, Set, Go!

Tip #1 Pace Yourself

Start by downloading the 12 Point checklist, and reviewing what needs to be in place. Then start organizing. Create a calendar timeline. If you need assistance in pacing yourself, meet with a Procurement Coach! Your Coach can even create the timeline for you.

#2 Plan to Pass

Execute each item in your timeline! Ensure that your Procurement Procedures are in place and followed. Create or modify areas that do not meet the requirements. Double check your state and local regulations in case they are more strict than the federal regulations. Keep in mind that you must follow the stricter regulation. Plan your procurement review preparation well and you will pass with flying colors!

#3 Pre-Qualify Your Existing Bids

Check out our bid content list for what should be included in your procurement documents. Next, start making your revisions and additions to make sure your bids are compliant. Even though the procurement reviewer will be looking at your previous year's procurements, a good practice is to start where you are and improve your bids now. If you should get a finding, you will be able to tell the reviewer that your current school year bids are correct.

#4 Produce a Records Retention Notebook

Knowing what records you have to keep is the first step in putting together your records retention system. Whether your records are retained in a file cabinet or an electronic file, Your Procurement Coach has a solution.

  • Review the section of the law about record keeping 2 CFR Part 200 sections 200.318-200.326

  • Start a hard copy notebook divided by the sections you need.

  • Create a virtual file where you store everything.

Whether your records are retained in a file cabinet or an electronic file, your procurement coach has a helpful solution.

Terry's Four P's to Procurement Success will not only help you with your review preparation, but will also keep your department’s ongoing procurement practices on track. The finish line is not too far away if you use your resources, and now you have the tips which create a roadmap to success. Are you ready to start? All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and begin. And just whistle if you’d like your Procurement Coach to run alongside you in the race!

Talk to a procurement coach today:

Click the sticky note


Trying to understand the steps can be tricky, especially when it’s your first procurement review. There are many good resources available to you. Have you considered taking a procurement training in a classroom setting or online? Check with your state to see what’s available. If at anytime you have a question and would like to speak with a procurement coach, we are here!

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