We're here to make you the Hero of your department. Let our team of experts review your program for compliance, best practices, and money saving tips.  Our services include: 


Menu Support 
Administrative Review Support
Procurement Review Support
Menu Software Support
Commodity Support 
Training Support & Mentoring 


Nothing is better than knowing that you've got things covered.  One of the benefits of working with My K12 Resource is you will have access to experts in every area of the Child Nutrition business.

An expert is someone who has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge and skill.  
When we help you prepare for review all our expertise is on loan to you.  But by the time we are finished, YOU will be the expert. 
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your menus are in compliance with the current regulations. You will also discover best practices that will stay with your organization for years to come. Our money saving tips will get you in the black and you'll never look back.

Menu Support

Dietitian Approved Menus

Whether you need a complete menu overhaul or just a refresh, our In-House Dietitians are ready to get the job done.  Our R.D. becomes your R.D. for as long as the project lasts.  The result is a proven successful menu that fits your operation and is compliant with the HHFKA of 2010 regulations.  ​

Special Diet Management

Special Diets can be intimidating when you are not a nutritionist and when there are so many requirements. It can take a large chunk of your time budget.  Our Dietitians can set up a sustainable system for handling special diets that will put your mind at ease. You will sleep well at night knowing that all your students are taken care of.

Menu Consulting

Our customized consulting packages are designed to help you achieve your menu goals.  We can help with creating, entering, and monitoring your menus. We can even help with designing and getting your menus online. Your child nutrition expert is ready to get to work for you and propel you to success.

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Menu Software Suport

Software Selection

There are over 16 companies approved by USDA for Menu Software.  If you don't have time to meet with all of them, don't let that stop you from reaping the benefits.   After analyzing your menu and accessing your needs, we match you up with 3 companies that would be a fit for your department.  Demos are set up and you decide.  You rest assured that the vetting has been done for you.

Data Entry Services

You just purchased or already have a Menu Planning Software Program, but it's not fully functional?  Are your Recipes incomplete? It happens to the best of them. Our data entry packages are designed to get it done quickly so you don't miss out on all the benefits.  The nutrition team is quick and accurate to get your software fully functional. Let us get you over the hump so you can start saving time and money now. 

Implementation and Training

Your software is locked and loaded, but now what? Let us assist you with creating an implementation schedule that works best your department. We can even train your staff on how to fully reap all the benefits that software has to offer. You'll be amazed with all the data that you have at your finger tips, making your job easier. 

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Procurement Review Support

Procurement Coach

If you don't want to go it alone, a coach can stay with you from start to finish.  Our procurement coach will set you up with a timeline so you can't miss!

Procurement Plan

A written Procurement Plan is required by law and will be looked at during your procurement review. What is contained in there is your road map to procurement success! Let us write a procurement plan according to your own specifications and all you have to do is follow it.

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Code of Conduct

What goes into a written Code of Conduct?  No more worries when My K12 Resource drafts the document for you and includes your local board policies in the document.  All that is left for you to do is get it approved.

Bid Documents and Records Rentention

We will review your existing bids for compliance and revise with additions as needed. Your procurement decisions and rationale will need to be documented and retained for at least 3 years.  We can make it easier by setting you up with a records retention notebook or electronic file. 

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Administrative Review Support

Menu Review

The Menu Review portion of your Administrative Review can be unnerving with all the daily and weekly requirements that must be met.  Our expert Dietitians at My K12 Resource have passed hundreds of Menu Reviews successfully.  The Menu Review pays for itself by avoiding costly findings.  And imagine the peace of mind when you know your menus are correct before you turn them in to the state.

Income Application Review

Verification is another area of the review where findings are common and it is where some of the most severe fiscal penalties occur. Let us do what your reviewer would do and check a sample of Income Applications before your review and you'll save yourself some sleepless nights.

Production Record Evaulation

Production records are where a State Reviewer will evaluate your practices with a fine tooth comb.  When My K12 Resource evaluates your records first, mistakes can be found and corrected before your review, putting you in a strong position for Zero Findings.

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Commodity Support

Commodites 101

USDA Commodities and Commodity Processing both have a language all on their own.  Get up to speed quickly with the terms and what they mean.  We will start at the very beginning of the commodity cycle and teach you the timing of decisions.  You will begin to understand why knowledge is power when it comes to commodities.  What you don't know can cost you.  But what you do know will help you save thousands of dollars per year and help keep you in the black!

Commodity Savings

This one-day training is perfect for the new director, or for a more seasoned director who wants to be sure they are maximizing their commodities. What are the best commodities to divert and why, how to set up for successful distribution, evaluating storage costs and commodity tracking are a few of the topics covered. By the end of the day, you will have an actionable plan.  This training can be done: 

*In person 


*One on One

*Small Group

Planning for Next Year

What if you didn't have to start over every year with making your commodity decisions?  What to divert, to which processors, how much and for what menus?  My K12 Resource can set you up with a commodity template so that you can stay with the decisions that make sense and change the ones that don't.  

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Food Label Collection

When it comes to Administrative Review, the food label collection is one of the most time-consuming projects.  You may have to put one full-time employee on it until it's done.  Even then, if you are missing one thing, it can mean an expensive finding.  My K12 Resource can do this preparation for you and for a small monthly fee keep it maintained. 

USDA/6 Cent Worksheet

If you have never applied for the 6 cents before and need guidance, we can help.  If your Administrative Review process includes reviewing of the 6 cent worksheet, then we can make sure it's correct before your review.  Either way, we've got you covered!

Name Your Pain

If your challenges are unique, or your situation unchartered, let us help you rise to the occasion.  With over 30 years of combined Child Nutrition experience on our team,  we can help you find a solution.  If you can name your pain points, we can discover what stops you from being as productive as you could be.  Once identified, we provide training and support to create a long term solution for you and your team.

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Training & Mentoring 

Director Level Training

It's no secret that K12 food service directors have to wear a lot of hats.  Whether you are new to K12 food service, or a seasoned veteran, sometimes a one-on-one training is a real confidence builder.  Our director training modules are a collection of  best practices made personal.  Look through our training catalog to see what you need, or tell us your biggest challenges and we will help you thrive.  

Staff Training

Professional Development is required, but training modules are needed. It could be as simple as how to maintain portion control when serving or how to recognize a reimbursable meal.  Investing in training pays dividends immediately and increases the moral of the team.  Training as a pro-active approach is best.  Here is a list of staff training modules:

* Customer Service

* Portion Control and Reimbursable Meals

* Salad Bars and Food Bars

* Meal Pattern

* School Wellness programs


Profesional Development

The best of the best have personal trainers, so why not you. Our Coaching program to provide your professional development requirements. Each session will leave you confident and ready to tackle that project. We scehdule on the time that works best for you! 

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